Aja Romano


Aja (pronounced "Asia") is a writer, reviewer, web content editor, and fangeek. She has freelanced as a theatre/film reviewer, editor, and writer for a decade, as well as working with web design and CMS development firms and projects.

As a blogger, Aja's personal interests are primarily centered around fandom, fanfiction, women in pop culture, and progressive politics. Her political posts have been featured on Daily Kos and the Democratic Underground, and her posts on YA literature and fandom have been featured on Jezebel, Boing-Boing, and Salon. Selected works of her fanfiction have been taught in university and high school courses on fandom and fan culture. She has been a guest blogger for a variety of websites, including The Mary Sue, Manga Bookshelf and the Organization for Transformative Works, and has been a panel guest and moderator alongside professional writers and acafen including Henry Jenkins and Holly Black. Her livejournal, ]bookshop, was cited in Livejournal's 10-year-anniversary anthology as "an example of fandom at its best."

List of Conferences & Conventions (Presenting)

  • 2003: Nimbus 2003, moderated "Resolved: Can Draco Malfoy Be Redeemed?"
  • 2003: Nimbus 2003, panelist on the first Harry Potter fandom slash panel/discussion
  • 2005: The Witching Hour (planned programming for the slash panel, did not attend)
  • 2007: Ikasucon, moderated "Slash, Yaoi, and You" panel/discussion.
  • 2007: Phoenix Rising, moderated "Shipping the Velvet: Slash Fandom, Convergence, and Why You Should Care About Harry Potter Mpreg"
  • 2007: Phoenix Rising, moderated "Project Lève: The Fan as Citizen Journalist"
  • 2010: Infinitus 2010, panelist, "FTW or Made of Fail: Real Life Issues in Fiction"